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  • Affordable Pricing Starting as low as $8.25 per Month
  • Secure All your information remains completely confidential
  • We Match for You We provide the most compatible matches for you
  • How we Match Complex model based on seven distinct personality grids that determine the match that would be ideal for a spouse
  • Our Model Thousands of hours of research, consultation, analysis and implementation to create the Muslim Harmony Matching Model
  • No Fake Profiles We search and eliminate all Fake Profile. We also don’t allow for communication for unpaid customers and therefore we only attract serious customers
  • Monitoring Centre We monitor all activities by all members and keep logs of all activities
  • Messaging Preordained questions that require responses of great insight
  • Advice Central Essential articles and advice from Relationship experts and religious scholars
  • Support Centre Provide any help needed with the usability of the site
  • Events Marriage Events in different cities to allow for face-to-face matchmaking
  • Parent/Wali We allow and promote Parents, Guardians & Wali’s to create Profiles and to monitor the activity of their loved ones on our site
  • Privacy/Security All personal and private contact information is kept confidential until the user wants to release information
  • Marriage made easy Ease-of-use guarantee throughout the matchmaking process and Website
  • Quality vs. Quantity Our system is based upon the Quality of the Matches rather than the Quantity, and avoids the hazards that may come about as a result of aimless browsing

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

Assalamu ’Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu,

In a field wrought with multiple players, and a few with any success, the Muslim Harmony advantage brings an innovative approach that promises success. Our aim is to change the societal paradigms surrounding matchmaking for Muslims, and make marriage easy for the Muslim community just like our religion accomplished centuries ago. The society we live in is rife with evils that are seeping into our communities, including the lack of importance given to the institution of marriage. Our goal is to put the importance squarely on the concepts of successful marriages and ensure that we are providing the community with a reliable outlet which guarantees compatibility and harmony. Unlike other systems which leave the matching up to the client, we use years of expertise and sophisticated methods to provide you with appropriate matches, leaving out any conjectures from the process.

We have also done considerable research into why marriages, including Muslim ones, are increasingly susceptible to divorce or separation. We have worked to ensure that these issues are remedied and our methods are designed to avoid such setbacks. Oftentimes superficial matters are given more consideration than factors of higher importance which tend to be overlooked. Our research, including that of many leading experts in this field, suggests that congruency and similarity at all levels is a requirement for successful married bliss. We keep these truths in mind when matching, and aspire for healthy and thriving Muslim families in the end.

Our method has proven successful time and again, always ensuring the utmost patency with regards to the rulings of our Islamic faith. Other matchmaking services are often riddled with fake, unserious profiles and participants, but our process specifically weeds out such profiles and presents only those genuinely interested in achieving an Islamic marriage. Our profiles are detailed and comprehensive yet extremely easy to complete. We also encourage the involvement of all parents (wali’s) throughout the process. We have also incorporated further preventative measures such as a monitoring system that provides a round-the-clock surveillance of any suspicious or un-Islamic activity on the website. Our goal is to create a portal that serves all the matrimonial needs of the Muslims and offers a service designed for those who are serious about marriage.

Our portal will also include a section allocated for advice (www.mhadvice.com) where you will be able to find articles and resources from leading experts and renowned scholars, regarding how to make pre and post marriage life pleasurable and blissful. It will also include trusted courses and counselors that can be of assistance in times of need. We will also have firsthand accounts by users regarding their experiences and how they dealt with certain issues. We are also aiming to provide accurate answers to any and all of your queries in this section.

Our ultimate goal is to make marriages easier for our community while making sure it’s carried out in an entirely Islamic manner. We hope that this system can serve as our legacy right now and in the future, as well as our contribution to the Ummah. A lot of time is used up unnecessarily with other services due to browsing; we have eliminated this aspect and have replaced it with personal matchmaking based on your profile’s compatibility with others. This essentially ensures that participants give due consideration to a profile that otherwise might have been ignored due to superficial reasons. We are unique in our approach, sincere in our intentions, and are trying to meet a great need in our community. We care for the Ummah and are committed to the cause, and we hope that Allah will put Barakah in this project. May Allah accept our efforts and assist us in making things better for our Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Ameen!

JazakAllah Khair,

Muslim Harmony Team

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